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"Are you Thinking About Buying Charlene Johnson's Piyo WorkOut?"

If you are, then this is a must read.... because my Piyo reviews might shock you

Chalene Johnson and her PiYo Workouts have been making the rounds and if the amount of raving reviews on the internet is any indication, it is safe to say that it seems like everyone knows about the workout.

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Not only do they know about the infamous PiYo Workouts, they also swear by it. But have you read some of the reviews and actually compare those so-called testimonials?

If, like myself, you have taken the liberty to read and compare all of those PiYo reviews, you will most likely find one thing in common – and that is the similar reviewing pattern that is followed with links that say CLICK HERE NOW TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE or something around the line of CLICK HERE TO BUY. Did you notice that as well? Keep reading to learn about the real truth about the famed Johnson and her best-selling PiYo Workouts.

What is the problem with that Piyo Reviews?

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Some of you may question why I make such a big deal out of said pattern, but bear with me on this one. It may be lost on you, but these are not honest and unbiased reviews that many of us are tricked into believing. It may come off as a surprise because most of us believe that these blog posts actually consist of real success stories, but after reading a few of those posts and carefully compare them side by side, I found that they contain affiliate links.

Can we be absolutely sure that it is not just their ploy of earning money? At the time I was interested with this workouts, but after having found this fact it only makes me livid.

Hi, there. My name is Grace and I’m a single mother of two lovely girls. On top of that, I am also the primary caretaker for my mother who suffers from cerebral palsy – suffice it to say that for the past 2 years, I have been struggling with my weight.

I have such a busy, and hectic lifestyle to the point it leaves me a very little time for myself. As if that is not enough, I am also strapped financially so I simply cannot afford a gym membership. But I decided it was time for me to take care of my health and start doing a daily exercise. With the struggle I have been dealing with, my option is to find a good home workout routine that is not only fun, but also easy to do.

  • Always read the fine print
  • Always make a thorough research
  • Always remember that the fact that a celebrity endorses the product does not necessarily mean it is a great product
  • Always shop around so you get to compare and eventually find the best one out there

Here are the steps I have mentioned earlier:

I decided to go online to find more information on the workout and that was when I found a large number of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE reviews about the workout. Being someone who has gotten used to do the following steps when looking for information on a product before making an online purchase, I quickly felt something was amiss.

One day when I was watching television, a Beach Body advertisement came along and there it was, the Chalene Johnson’s infamous PiYo Workouts. That was the first time I heard of the home workouts and like many of you, I was interested. Perhaps it was because I had done a fair bit of yoga back in the day, and since then I heard so many good things about Yoga workout.

So, back to the review. Let’s begin with the disclaimer that I do not necessarily say that Johnson is a fraud and her PiYo Workouts do not work, simply because I personally have never bought it. Who knows, it may very well be a good workout which brings result – but is it worth spending $72.80 for?

For me, the shady reviews from people who are hired to promote and review the products in exchange for commission was enough to rule me out of the possibility.

Not only that, there is another thing that absolutely turn me off, and that is the promotion price of products such as the Chalene Johnson’s Hardcore on the Floor DVD and the BeachBody Strength Slides in addition to the PiYo workouts.

Buying the bundle means you must splurge more than $132.60 which is absolutely ridiculous to me. Especially when I could find a better program out there for a fraction of prices.

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I apologize if you are a true Chalene Johnson supporter who swears by her PiYo workouts, but I would never spend $72.80 for a home workout program. Instead, I opted to find a better and more affordable workout program. Thanks to one of my best friends, Karen, I was introduced to Yoga Burn which costs half of the famed PiYo workouts and to my delight, it is a much better program.

Yes, not only that, the primary reason I decided to purchase Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton is undoubtedly because of her authentic story – not just a story from a celebrity who has been in a good shape for her entire life.

The Alternative to Beachbody PiYo Workout That Actually Works!

The following is a list of reasons why Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Yoga Burn workout program is working incredibly well for me;

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  1. This workout program can easily fit into my hectic schedule, it is almost as if I have a personal yog instructor I can call for a session whenever I want.
  2. There are so many options where I can watch the workout from, it doesn’t matter if I want to watch it from my television, iPad or even my iPhone.
  3. There is absolute no need for a gym let alone an expensive equipment and workout tools.
  4. Yoga Burn has its own community that is not only helpful, but also incredibly friendly.

As you can see from the official Zoe Bray’s website, there is a lot more information pertaining to the workout if that is what you are interested in. For just $37, we can get all access to all of her videos where you can watch from your handheld devices whereas the full workout programs in the form of DVD will be shipped directly to your home address. That way, you can get your workout on wherever you and whenever you want.

Six Weeks Progress and Results I Have So Far

my yoga burn reviews and results

my yoga burn reviews and results

Listen, I am almost 40-years old now and that is scary. Back then I found it incredibly difficult to get in shaped and maintain that level of fitness, but that changed after I followed Zoe’s Yoga Burn home workout program. Yes, so far I have been following her workout program for a little over six weeks and I have felt and noticed the difference. The result is just mindblowing! Not only do the changes can be felt in my body as well as on my skin, but they can also be felt in my overall well-being and my mind as the workout also helps me be more relax and at peace with my so hectic life.

It has only been six weeks, yet everyone around me already notice the changes on my body and mind. My confidence has crept back up and with all of these results, I’m determined to never go back again.

What I absolute love from this Yoga Burn Program

yoga burn with zoe

yoga burn with zoe

Like my friend, Karen, once I have seen results, I was instantly hooked and decided to spread the word about this gem of a workout program. My friends decided to give the Zoe’s Yoga Burn Guide a try and quickly agreed that the workout has changed their lives for the better as well, and that is exactly why I love this Yoga Burn workout program. It is not a questionable product that achieves its fame due to some celebrities’ endorsements, rather it is a real home workout program used by many ordinary people like me who have been struggling with weight loss and several other issues. You can easily notice that the reviews on Yoga Burn are truly of those who are satisfied of the products due to the results they have achieved. Curious about my progress thus far? See the progress pictures of my 6 weeks doing Yoga Burn religiously.

The Conclusion of My PiYo Reviews

If you somehow have made up your mind about wanting to purchase the Chalene Johnson’s own PiYo Workouts, then perhaps I should apologize if my PiYo reviews are far from what you expected before. I’m sorry if this review was not the kind of raving review like most of the reviews you can find on the internet, but please understand that I just had to put the word out there for those who are already sick spending their hard-earned money for questionable products – only because they were deceived by those shady paid reviews.

Hopefully my review helps you in a way and if it somehow did help you, I would appreciate it if you would be so kind to share this post and get the words out to those who need it. Alternatively, you may submit your comment or question in the section below.

It's not just me who got great results thanks to Zoe, but others too. Here's what they say about yoga burn:

yoga burn testimony
yoga burn testimony
yoga burn testimony

Check out what she says in her video first and you can decide whether you will go with piyo or not. Click this to go to yoga burn website.

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