The Various Things You Need to Know about Yoga for Women

Talking about Yoga including Yoga for women is always something interesting for lots of people especially for people who are always interested in having the healthy yet fit body.

That is something good for us to really know about yoga and to get more information related what yoga is actually and what kind of great poses of yoga which may help you much in getting lots of good and positive impacts.

There are so many ideas of yoga which we can enjoy and obtain. Sure, when we are talking about the better body health and fitness, there are various ideas of the efforts or ways which can be chosen in order to reach the goal of better body health and fitness. Besides dealing with the healthier diet and also the better lifestyle, we also need to notice about the right exercises which we need to do. There are lots ideas and options which come to our mind about the right exercises which we can choose.

Of course, doing the exercises regularly becomes the key for having the healthier and fit body. That will be the key for getting lots of good effects including having the better emotion and of course helping us getting the fresher and proportional body shape. That is the reason why doing exercises regularly is important and at least we do the exercise three times per week. Yoga can also be one of the ideas for the exercise you choose.

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Getting to Know About Yoga

Before we talk about the information of Yoga for women specifically, it is good to know about what yoga is first. That will help us to get some brief information related to yoga and get some clear overview about it. The first thing we need to know is, of course, the definition of yoga.

Yoga is actually a kind of exercises which involve the body and also mind. The origin of yoga historically is in the philosophy of ancient India.There are various types or styles of yoga which commonly combine various physical poses or postures, various techniques of breathing and also relaxation or often called as meditation as well.

Nowadays yoga becomes completely popular among the modern people who want to stay healthy and fit not only for their body but also for their mind. Yoga is known for in helping you to have better control of your body and mind.

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It also helps enhancing well being in the good way. We can learn much about Yoga in the original form, but overall we are only going to talk about the common yoga in today’s life. The modern type of yoga which becomes really popular nowadays evolve the exercises which are focusing on the breathing, strength, and also flexibility. Those poses which are aimed at boosting the mental and physical well-being effectively.

There are also various styles of yoga in general. We need to say that there is no style which is more superior or authentic to another. When you are going to choose the right class of yoga, it is good to consider the level of your fitness. You should choose a yoga class that fits your body condition and also the right types of class of yoga which may be suitable for you. That is also good to learn about your particular needs and the results which you want to obtain.

There may also be various types or styles of Yoga for women which you can also easily find that may be right for you. One of the styles of yoga for females which is popular among people is the type of prenatal yoga that is for the pregnant women as the effort to prepare the body for facing the delivery.

We will also discuss this kind of Yoga for pregnant women below which hopefully will help you get some helpful information about the right yoga poses for pregnant women.

The Benefits of Yoga

Talking about Yoga for women which of course is totally interesting for lots of women, of course we want to know a little bit closer about the benefits.What are the benefits of yoga in general? There are lots of great benefits since as we have mentioned above it involves the body and mind at the same time.

However, there are also various studies which also stated that yoga is an effective yet safe workout to improve the balance, strength, and also flexibility. It is also a great exercise for increasing your strength. There are also lots of great benefits which can be obtained from yoga related to the particular medical conditions, as like for dealing with the depression and anxiety, asthma, arthritis, cognitive problems related to breast cancer, bipolar disorder, disability related to breast cancer, the fatigue problems related to cancer, chronic pain on neck, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, GERD, mental health, low back pains, and so on.

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Doing yoga regularly may give us some improvements related to those problems. For example, it will also help lower the risk of depression which often happens to women.

Yoga for Women

As we have shared above, Yoga offers lots of benefits for women. That is including lots of advantages for particular conditions, as like when you are pregnant, for mom and baby, and so on. If you are looking for some ideas of the yoga poses for women that are perfect for you, we have some great samples of the yoga moves or pose which may suit you.

The planks pose is one of the basic yoga poses for women. This pose is great in building the strength of your upper body. It will work any of your arm major muscle efficiently as well as your shoulder, core, and back. How to do it? Here they are the steps:

  • You can start it by having the downward facing dog pose. Then you can press the palms and set your chest forward. It will make the shoulder located over the wrists. Thus, you are in the position of push up
  •  The next step is pressing both of the heels toward a wall which is located behind you so that before starting it, make sure your location is essential. Then, you need to extend your head’s crown forward which will help you form the straight line
  • You can hold this position at least for about 60 seconds

Another idea of a good pose yoga for women is the child pose. This pose is that great since it will help to relieve the lower back tightness effectively. This pose will also stretch the back, hip, and also quad. Then, how to do this yoga pose? Here are the steps:

Source: Youtube channel, Yoga with Adriene

  • Start it with the position of kneeling on floor and set your big toes on the floor. Then, set your knee apart about the hip width. You are in the position of sitting on the heels
  • Then you can lay the torso between your thighs, and then set the forehead onto the floor or mat. Place both of your palms on floor and extend the arm straightforward
  • You can close the eyes and breath properly in a deep way
  •  Stay in this position for awhile, or about at least 60 seconds while managing your deep and constant breathing

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is such a blessing thing so that of course a woman will do anything for making sure that her pregnancy is as smooth as possible. That is especially in preparing the delivery which means we need to prepare the body and mind to be much better so that we are ready to face the delivery both physically and mentally. That is why trying to do the prenatal yoga as one of the ideas of Yoga for women is such a good idea.

Why is prenatal yoga recommended as one of the exercises which can be done by the pregnant women? There are some benefits which we can obtain from the prenatal yoga for the pregnant women. They are:

  •  It helps the pregnant women preparing the body to be ready for the delivery by improving the strength and flexibility. Those things are important in delivery. The stronger body will help us in the delivery process, so do the body flexibility
  • Yoga will also help improving our breathing. Sure, the good breathing will help us much in the delivery process. That is one of the factors we need to train during the pregnancy in order to prepare the delivery process
  • Managing the mental or mind also becomes a good impact we can obtain from practicing yoga. Controlling our mind and emotion is really needed during the pregnancy and also delivery process so that yoga is a helpful exercise which pregnant women can try
  •   Prenatal yoga is also stated having the good impact in lowering the risk of post partum depression which is often experienced by people after the delivery
  • The prenatal yoga is also designed to help the pregnant woman to get their good body shape back to normal after the delivery

One of the poses of the prenatal yoga which can be done for any stages of pregnancy is called trikonasana. It is also well known generally as the pose of triangle. This pose is entirely good to help strengthen your body especially the legs. That will assist in improving the flow of your blood. If the blood flows properly all over the body, it helps to ensure the baby gets all of the nutrients he needed.

That is including getting the proper oxygen supply to the baby. For the pregnant women in their first trimester, this yoga pose will also help to deal with the problem of morning sickness. The steps to do this pose are:

Source: Youtube channel, Ventuno Yoga

  • Setting your feet to be apart and raise the arms and place them on the floor parallel
  • Place the palms face downward
  • Turn the left foot at the angle of 45° and then your right foot at the angle of 90°, while your heels need to come into the straight line
  • Extend your upper part of body and then bend towards floors slowly. You need to ensure that your left hand is extended upward and the right hand touches your right foot
  • You need to also turn the gaze onto the left hand and stay in this pose for about 60 seconds till you feel the comfort
  • Release it and then try to repeat the pose for other side

Actually, you can find lots of great poses of the prenatal yoga which becomes the great pose of yoga for pregnant women. Sure, that is a good idea for you to obtain lots of the benefits as mentioned above.

Some Tips before You Start Practicing Yoga for Women

Yoga for women is not something new, and of course, we have lots of things to obtain by practicing yoga correctly and also regularly. Sure, you can do it daily or even couples of time in a week. It becomes the simple kinds of exercises including for them who are so busy that they have limited time in doing exercises.

That is because yoga can be done anytime and anywhere, you can even do 
yoga at your own home.We do not need spending specific or particular time to do it. No matter where or when we can do yoga. Still, before you try to practice yoga, there are some tips you can try to follow, as like:

  • Make sure about your body and health condition and choose the right type of yoga poses which will be suitable to you
  • Get to know much about yoga first before you do some practices, since it is good to know well about yoga first
  • For your first trial you can have a help from a yoga trainer or you can join in the yoga class for beginner

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