Best Home Workout Program for Women

If you wonder about what is the best home workout program for women, yoga can serve you as the best possible answer. Doing yoga workout is not merely moving your body to burn calories as well as tone muscles. Yoga is also a perfect workout for the mind, since it combines both strengthening as well as stretching poses in deep breathing. Besides that, the movements in yoga are also included as well movements for your meditation or relaxation.

best home workout program for women, yoga meditation

yoga - meditation

What are the areas targeted by yoga?

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    The arms

In doing yoga, you can also build the strength in your arm. If in other types of workout you may use free weights or machines, in yoga you will use your own body weight instead. Several poses in yoga is capable of it. For example, the plank, you only need to spread your weight between your arms and legs equally. If you want to have movement, which is more challenging, you can do the crane, or the crow poses. It will force you to support your body weight fully.

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    The legs

Indeed, many poses in yoga movements will give good strength training for your legs. Not only legs, but other areas such as quadriceps, thighs, as well as hips will also receive the good effect of the yoga movements.

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    Every core muscles

If you wanted to target the core muscle of your body, yoga can do it as well. if you want to tighten your love handles then you only need to prop yourself up. do it in one arm. For other option, you can also do a side plank. On the other hand, if you want to burn the fat in the middle of your abs, boat poses will be the best choice for you to go. To do this pose, you need to make balance of your sit bones; it is the bony prominence's in the base of your pelvic bones. Besides that, you also need to hold both of your legs up in the air as well.

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If you wanted to have more sculpted rear, you can do several poses such as squats, warrior, or even bridges pose.

Why Yoga is The Best Home Workout For Women

yoga poses

yoga poses

Since yoga has various kinds of movement, people sometimes misunderstand about it. There are several characteristics you can and cannot find in yoga. To be more precise, you can continue your reading on the following brief explanation.

To begin with, it is about the flexibility matter. It is true that the poses in yoga need you to stretch your muscles while increasing the range of your motion at the same time. Therefore, practicing yoga poses in regular perform will improve the flexibility of your body.

image how flexible you can be

image how flexible you can be

The second matter is about strength. If you never tried yoga before, you should never underestimate the poses in it also. Yoga is not a light workout. Every people need to hold their body to make balanced poses, which means that it takes much strength. If you practice yoga regularly, it is very possible for you to strengthen your arms, legs, back, as well as your muscle core.

The third problem is about the impact of yoga. It is true that yoga gives you full body workout. However, not all of the poses will give bad impact for your joints as long as you do it in the right way. Related to this matter is about the cost.

Actually, in depends on the circumstances you have. Yoga class might come in various ranges you can choose. However, you can also prefer the free one. You can simply buy a mat then practice it in your home. If you find it boring, you can also do it outdoors. In yoga, all you need is only space when you can relax your mind.

Regarding the cost, you also will not need to spend much money since yoga does not need expensive equipment. In yoga, you only need your body as the resistance. Mat is probably the only thing you need to buy. Mat is important in yoga, since it can keep your body from sliding around while you are practicing standing poses.

doing yoga on a mat

It also can be your cushion when you have seated as well as lying positions. However, if you would like to try new variation of your yoga movements, you can also use yoga block or straps. It will help you to reach your feet, or even link your hands when you have it behind your back.

One important thing you need to consider about yoga is that it is not a kind of sport. To be more precise, yoga is not competitive. If you are in a yoga class, you do not need to compare yourself with another people in your class. Moreover, yoga is a good activity for any people in every age. Never be hesitating to start having yoga no matter how old you are.

One last thing is that yoga is not included in aerobic exercise. Instead, it is more on athletic varieties. One example is power yoga. It will make you produce more sweat. Even though yoga is not aerobic exercise, some researchers found that yoga is as good as aerobic exercise to improve health.

Yoga for people who have a health condition

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    People with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, or high blood pressure

If you are having one of the mentioned conditions above, then you do need to worry. Yoga can still be a great activity you can do. In other words, yoga will still give you strength, flexibility, as well as awareness for your body and mind. Since there are types of yoga movements that need fast movement, you might find it not suitable for you. Instead, you can change it by doing some aerobic exercises. It includes biking, walking, or even swimming.

Besides that, it is also important to ask your doctor first. It is because there might be several poses you need to avoid. Some of them are poses in upside down movement, or even poses with high balance needed, which you cannot do at present.

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    People with arthritis

Joints problem can be a very troublesome matter for everybody. Of you are suffering from this condition as well, you can lessen your pain through yoga. The movements in yoga will help you to stay strong and flexible. Moreover, it will not add the stress you have on your joints. For more benefits, yoga will give you relaxing and more energizing body and mind as well.

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    Pregnant woman

A pregnant woman is still capable of having yoga to keep her strong, relaxed, and in a good shape. However, it will be wiser for pregnant woman to talk about it with the doctor first. It is also important for pregnant woman to ask a yoga instructor with well experiences of teaching prenatal yoga to give assistance.

When a pregnant woman is in her trimester, it is also important for her not to practice certain poses, which need her to lay on her back. The pregnancy hormones can loosen up the joints of pregnant woman as well. In result, there is high possibility for pregnant woman to be injured.

Therefore, it is important to keep the poses in the easy one as long as it can give relaxing body and mind. For additional suggestion, please note that either trying to stretch any further than before the pregnancy or practicing hot yoga is not a good thing to do.

How to practice easy yoga for beginner

If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry to have your first yoga practice. The steps on having this best home workout program for women is not hard. First, you need to have some warm ups. You can sit on the floor with your legs crossed.

Have your back in straight shape and put your hand in your lap to have relaxing pose. Close your eyes then start to take breathe deeply. Do it for about 2 minutes. After that, bend your torso from side to side slowly. Exhale to each side. Do it for about 15 breaths.

If you already finished your warm up, you can have the workout for the next stage. There any many poses you can do in yoga. Below we will share you some easy pose to do.

yoga, cow poses

yoga, cow poses

Keep your warming up pose. On an exhale, move into a cow pose. When you are inhaling, you need to switch into a cat pose. Continue to do this two poses for about 15 breaths. After that, press up to make the downward dog poses. To have this pose, you need to lower your knees to your mat then shove back up. Repeat this movement for about 5 times.

Then, step your right foot to the fore. Position it between your hands to create a typical lunge. Have your twisted right knee straight on top of your right foot. You need to have your left foot directly behind you as well, then both feet pointing to the fore. Make sure your fingertips are on the mat.

After that, go into side angle, the extended one. Continue your practice by having lunge as well as side angle on the left side of yours. Do a locust pose, lie face-down. Turn over then recline flat on your rear. After that, you need to close up your eyes and take a deep breath in about two minutes.

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    The cow pose and the cat pose

These poses are good to give your muscles exercise. The most affected muscles by these poses are the one in the areas of the hips, abs, back, shoulder, neck, as well as the muscles along the spine. If you want to have this pose, you need to start lying on your hands as well as knees for first. For the cow pose, you need to curve your back then press your shoulder down and back.

Make your body shift away from your ears and unfasten your chest. On the other hand, the cat pose needs you to make your back in a circle. Then lesser your head as well as raise your belly. Stare at your thighs and build a space between your shoulder blades.

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    The downward dog pose

This pose is good to strengthen your arms and legs. It will also stretch and energize your shoulder, feet, thighs, as well as hands. To do this pose, you can directly continue from the last pose, the cat pose. Push your buttocks up and do an upside down V move. After that, you need make a contraction of your thighs as well as extend your abs. Push your shoulder blades away from your ears then get to your heels in the path of the mat.

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    The side angle pose (extended)

This pose is very helpful to strengthen and stretch your legs, knees, as well as ankles. Besides that, it can also stretch your inner thighs, hips, back, chest, as well as shoulder. To practice this pose, you need to start with your right leg to the fore in a lunge. Then lesser your left heel. After that, twist your toes for approximately 45 degrees. Following it, you need to lesser your right forearm to your knee. Get to above your head with your left hand to create straight line from your fingertips to your heel.

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    The locust pose

This pose is one advantageous pose as well, since it can strengthen you back, legs, buttocks, as well as arms. It will also stretch your shoulder, abs, chest, as well as thighs. To make this pose, you need to lie face-down with your arms at your left and right sides and your feet pointed. Then push your legs down and inhale. Raise your head, arm, and shoulder. Take two long breaths then lesser all your body. After that, you need to have your forehead downward then lift both of your legs. Take two long breaths then lesser your body again. After that, raise your superior and inferior body at the same time then take two deep breaths.

The biggest mistake you should not do while practicing yoga

As a beginner, it is common for someone to make some mistakes. However, none will be gladly to humiliate themselves, if they can avoid it. Therefore, this article will also give you some information you need to pay attention so that you will not running off your yoga class in embarrassment.

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    Do not draw too much attention

In yoga class, it is important for every people to have well focus and great concentration, including you. It is because yoga is not trying to achieve relaxing of body, but also the mind. Do not let you carelessly sight or making loud exhale. It can disturb other people in the class. Make sure that your breathing should only be loud enough for yourself to hear.

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    Do not packing up too early

In common, you will have savasana as the last pose of a yoga class. This pose needs you lying on your back for 5 minutes more or less. This pose is to absorb your practice and gaining more calm for your mind.

No matter how hurried you are, it might be wiser for you not leave your class before this final pose is really in an end since it might be rude. The noise you make while you are packing up will also disturb other people in the class.

Forms of yoga

For your information, yoga is not having one form only. In this workout, you can find many different forms. What are they?

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This form takes special breathing technique as its main characteristic. This yoga form has series of poses.

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This yoga form has 26 challenging poses in the series. The characteristic of this form is that it performed in a heated room, and sometimes in high temperature as well. that is why many people also called as hot yoga.

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This form is the most associated one with yoga. The series of poses in this form is suitable for a beginner. It is because the movements in the series are still in the basic level, which sometimes also combined with breathing technique.

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This yoga form is quite distinctive compared to the others. It uses certain properties such as blocks, chairs, or even straps. These properties aimed to help people to move their body into the appropriate alignment.

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If you wished to build muscle through yoga, this form is your best option. It is because this yoga form needs faster as well as higher intensity of practice. As a result, the movements will help you to make a good shape of your muscles.

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In contrast with the previous one, the movements in this yoga form are in moth flow from one into another.

For more information, every yoga forms have different level of intensity. Techniques like iyengar as well as hatha are in gentle and slow movement. On the other hand, the movements in bikram as well as power are in faster and more challenging.

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