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Best Home Workout Program for Women

If you wonder about what is the best home workout program for women, yoga can serve you as the best possible answer. Doing yoga workout is not merely moving your body to burn calories as well as tone muscles. Yoga is also a perfect workout for the mind, since it combines both strengthening as well as stretching poses in deep breathing. Besides that, the movements in yoga are also included as well movements for your meditation or relaxation.

best home workout program for women, yoga meditation

yoga - meditation

What are the areas targeted by yoga?

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    The arms

In doing yoga, you can also build the strength in your arm. If in other types of workout you may use free weights or machines, in yoga you will use your own body weight instead. Several poses in yoga is capable of it. For example, the plank, you only need to spread your weight between your arms and legs equally. If you want to have movement, which is more challenging, you can do the crane, or the crow poses. It will force you to support your body weight fully.

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    The legs

Indeed, many poses in yoga movements will give good strength training for your legs. Not only legs, but other areas such as quadriceps, thighs, as well as hips will also receive the good effect of the yoga movements.

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    Every core muscles

If you wanted to target the core muscle of your body, yoga can do it as well. if you want to tighten your love handles then you only need to prop yourself up. do it in one arm. For other option, you can also do a side plank. On the other hand, if you want to burn the fat in the middle of your abs, boat poses will be the best choice for you to go. To do this pose, you need to make balance of your sit bones; it is the bony prominence's in the base of your pelvic bones. Besides that, you also need to hold both of your legs up in the air as well.

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If you wanted to have more sculpted rear, you can do several poses such as squats, warrior, or even bridges pose.

Why Yoga is The Best Home Workout For Women

yoga poses

yoga poses

Since yoga has various kinds of movement, people sometimes misunderstand about it. There are several characteristics you can and cannot find in yoga. To be more precise, you can continue your reading on the following brief explanation.

To begin with, it is about the flexibility matter. It is true that the poses in yoga need you to stretch your muscles while increasing the range of your motion at the same time. Therefore, practicing yoga poses in regular perform will improve the flexibility of your body.

image how flexible you can be

image how flexible you can be

The second matter is about strength. If you never tried yoga before, you should never underestimate the poses in it also. Yoga is not a light workout. Every people need to hold their body to make balanced poses, which means that it takes much strength. If you practice yoga regularly, it is very possible for you to strengthen your arms, legs, back, as well as your muscle core.

The third problem is about the impact of yoga. It is true that yoga gives you full body workout. However, not all of the poses will give bad impact for your joints as long as you do it in the right way. Related to this matter is about the cost.

Actually, in depends on the circumstances you have. Yoga class might come in various ranges you can choose. However, you can also prefer the free one. You can simply buy a mat then practice it in your home. If you find it boring, you can also do it outdoors. In yoga, all you need is only space when you can relax your mind.

Regarding the cost, you also will not need to spend much money since yoga does not need expensive equipment. In yoga, you only need your body as the resistance. Mat is probably the only thing you need to buy. Mat is important in yoga, since it can keep your body from sliding around while you are practicing standing poses.

doing yoga on a mat

It also can be your cushion when you have seated as well as lying positions. However, if you would like to try new variation of your yoga movements, you can also use yoga block or straps. It will help you to reach your feet, or even link your hands when you have it behind your back.

One important thing you need to consider about yoga is that it is not a kind of sport. To be more precise, yoga is not competitive. If you are in a yoga class, you do not need to compare yourself with another people in your class. Moreover, yoga is a good activity for any people in every age. Never be hesitating to start having yoga no matter how old you are.

One last thing is that yoga is not included in aerobic exercise. Instead, it is more on athletic varieties. One example is power yoga. It will make you produce more sweat. Even though yoga is not aerobic exercise, some researchers found that yoga is as good as aerobic exercise to improve health.

Yoga for people who have a health condition

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    People with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, or high blood pressure

If you are having one of the mentioned conditions above, then you do need to worry. Yoga can still be a great activity you can do. In other words, yoga will still give you strength, flexibility, as well as awareness for your body and mind. Since there are types of yoga movements that need fast movement, you might find it not suitable for you. Instead, you can change it by doing some aerobic exercises. It includes biking, walking, or even swimming.

Besides that, it is also important to ask your doctor first. It is because there might be several poses you need to avoid. Some of them are poses in upside down movement, or even poses with high balance needed, which you cannot do at present.

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    People with arthritis

Joints problem can be a very troublesome matter for everybody. Of you are suffering from this condition as well, you can lessen your pain through yoga. The movements in yoga will help you to stay strong and flexible. Moreover, it will not add the stress you have on your joints. For more benefits, yoga will give you relaxing and more energizing body and mind as well.

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    Pregnant woman

A pregnant woman is still capable of having yoga to keep her strong, relaxed, and in a good shape. However, it will be wiser for pregnant woman to talk about it with the doctor first. It is also important for pregnant woman to ask a yoga instructor with well experiences of teaching prenatal yoga to give assistance.

When a pregnant woman is in her trimester, it is also important for her not to practice certain poses, which need her to lay on her back. The pregnancy hormones can loosen up the joints of pregnant woman as well. In result, there is high possibility for pregnant woman to be injured.

Therefore, it is important to keep the poses in the easy one as long as it can give relaxing body and mind. For additional suggestion, please note that either trying to stretch any further than before the pregnancy or practicing hot yoga is not a good thing to do.

How to practice easy yoga for beginner

If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry to have your first yoga practice. The steps on having this best home workout program for women is not hard. First, you need to have some warm ups. You can sit on the floor with your legs crossed.

Have your back in straight shape and put your hand in your lap to have relaxing pose. Close your eyes then start to take breathe deeply. Do it for about 2 minutes. After that, bend your torso from side to side slowly. Exhale to each side. Do it for about 15 breaths.

If you already finished your warm up, you can have the workout for the next stage. There any many poses you can do in yoga. Below we will share you some easy pose to do.

yoga, cow poses

yoga, cow poses

Keep your warming up pose. On an exhale, move into a cow pose. When you are inhaling, you need to switch into a cat pose. Continue to do this two poses for about 15 breaths. After that, press up to make the downward dog poses. To have this pose, you need to lower your knees to your mat then shove back up. Repeat this movement for about 5 times.

Then, step your right foot to the fore. Position it between your hands to create a typical lunge. Have your twisted right knee straight on top of your right foot. You need to have your left foot directly behind you as well, then both feet pointing to the fore. Make sure your fingertips are on the mat.

After that, go into side angle, the extended one. Continue your practice by having lunge as well as side angle on the left side of yours. Do a locust pose, lie face-down. Turn over then recline flat on your rear. After that, you need to close up your eyes and take a deep breath in about two minutes.

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    The cow pose and the cat pose

These poses are good to give your muscles exercise. The most affected muscles by these poses are the one in the areas of the hips, abs, back, shoulder, neck, as well as the muscles along the spine. If you want to have this pose, you need to start lying on your hands as well as knees for first. For the cow pose, you need to curve your back then press your shoulder down and back.

Make your body shift away from your ears and unfasten your chest. On the other hand, the cat pose needs you to make your back in a circle. Then lesser your head as well as raise your belly. Stare at your thighs and build a space between your shoulder blades.

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    The downward dog pose

This pose is good to strengthen your arms and legs. It will also stretch and energize your shoulder, feet, thighs, as well as hands. To do this pose, you can directly continue from the last pose, the cat pose. Push your buttocks up and do an upside down V move. After that, you need make a contraction of your thighs as well as extend your abs. Push your shoulder blades away from your ears then get to your heels in the path of the mat.

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    The side angle pose (extended)

This pose is very helpful to strengthen and stretch your legs, knees, as well as ankles. Besides that, it can also stretch your inner thighs, hips, back, chest, as well as shoulder. To practice this pose, you need to start with your right leg to the fore in a lunge. Then lesser your left heel. After that, twist your toes for approximately 45 degrees. Following it, you need to lesser your right forearm to your knee. Get to above your head with your left hand to create straight line from your fingertips to your heel.

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    The locust pose

This pose is one advantageous pose as well, since it can strengthen you back, legs, buttocks, as well as arms. It will also stretch your shoulder, abs, chest, as well as thighs. To make this pose, you need to lie face-down with your arms at your left and right sides and your feet pointed. Then push your legs down and inhale. Raise your head, arm, and shoulder. Take two long breaths then lesser all your body. After that, you need to have your forehead downward then lift both of your legs. Take two long breaths then lesser your body again. After that, raise your superior and inferior body at the same time then take two deep breaths.

The biggest mistake you should not do while practicing yoga

As a beginner, it is common for someone to make some mistakes. However, none will be gladly to humiliate themselves, if they can avoid it. Therefore, this article will also give you some information you need to pay attention so that you will not running off your yoga class in embarrassment.

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    Do not draw too much attention

In yoga class, it is important for every people to have well focus and great concentration, including you. It is because yoga is not trying to achieve relaxing of body, but also the mind. Do not let you carelessly sight or making loud exhale. It can disturb other people in the class. Make sure that your breathing should only be loud enough for yourself to hear.

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    Do not packing up too early

In common, you will have savasana as the last pose of a yoga class. This pose needs you lying on your back for 5 minutes more or less. This pose is to absorb your practice and gaining more calm for your mind.

No matter how hurried you are, it might be wiser for you not leave your class before this final pose is really in an end since it might be rude. The noise you make while you are packing up will also disturb other people in the class.

Forms of yoga

For your information, yoga is not having one form only. In this workout, you can find many different forms. What are they?

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This form takes special breathing technique as its main characteristic. This yoga form has series of poses.

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This yoga form has 26 challenging poses in the series. The characteristic of this form is that it performed in a heated room, and sometimes in high temperature as well. that is why many people also called as hot yoga.

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This form is the most associated one with yoga. The series of poses in this form is suitable for a beginner. It is because the movements in the series are still in the basic level, which sometimes also combined with breathing technique.

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This yoga form is quite distinctive compared to the others. It uses certain properties such as blocks, chairs, or even straps. These properties aimed to help people to move their body into the appropriate alignment.

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If you wished to build muscle through yoga, this form is your best option. It is because this yoga form needs faster as well as higher intensity of practice. As a result, the movements will help you to make a good shape of your muscles.

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In contrast with the previous one, the movements in this yoga form are in moth flow from one into another.

For more information, every yoga forms have different level of intensity. Techniques like iyengar as well as hatha are in gentle and slow movement. On the other hand, the movements in bikram as well as power are in faster and more challenging.

You can also read my experience with yoga for weight loss.


The List of Popular Yoga for Strength You Should Try

Yoga for strength is a solution for those who want to have stronger body and mind. So, by doing yoga you will be more relax, flexible muscles, stronger body, and healthier mind. What you should know about yoga for strength is the posture or the poses. The list below is trying to show to you some yoga poses to strengthen your body and mind.

After learning the best yoga poses, you just need to do it regularly and patiently until achieving the result you want most. If you have never do yoga before, and curious about it you should read my post about yoga for dummies and you could also read about my experience with yoga program available on the internet.

Sukhasana Pose

To achieve this yoga pose, you need to do specific positions. Before doing it, it is better to prepare a mat. If you don’t have a mat, just make sure that you are doing this pose in the most comfortable position. It is also important to wear the most comfortable cloth so it doesn’t disturb your movement.

Now, start the Sukhasana pose by doing comfortable cross legged seating position. Just manage your back straightly. When you feel the comfort, start to close your eyes. Focus on your breath and try to relax your breath. Exhale and inhale constantly. While achieving constant exhale and inhale, try to manage your mind.

Release everything which makes you unhappy or unpleasant. Try to hold this position and condition for a few minutes along with quiet reflection. In yoga, you need to reach equanimous condition. This simple pose can strengthen your immune system because you are trying to reach your calmest position.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Pose

This is also a perfect yoga for strength you can do. By doing this pose regularly, you are able to strengthen your arm and shoulder. Before doing this position, you need to prepare the same thing just like you want do the first pose above. Start it with a straight position. Slowly but sure, try to lower your upper body. Just imagine that you are about to make a reverse “V”.

The key success to do Adho Mukha Svanasana position is straight leg, arm, and back. Hold your neck straight and your eye has to see your knee. This position is not only used to strengthen your arm but also your knee, shoulder, back, and any part of your body. To get maximal result, just hold the position around 5 minutes per session.

While holding this position, try to exhale and inhale constantly. This position is also known as Downward Facing Dog pose.

Dolphin Plank Pose

Some of you might have learned about plank position. Actually, the position is the same with that plank position. Just prepare your yoga mat for your own comfortableness. Now, try to laydown in prone or stomach position. Focus on your leg and your arm. In this step, you are about to do a position which is similar to push up position.

The different is on the arm position. In push up you are using your hand to hold your body. In dolphin plank pose, you are using your elbow. Just make sure that your leg, elbow, arm and back are straight enough By doing this simple yoga pose, you are strengthen your arm, leg, back, and stomach.

You don’t have to do it too long. 5 minutes per session is enough as long as you do it regularly and it is better to do it 3 sessions. Don’t forget to exhale and inhale constantly.

Samanasana Pose

How about if you think that the poses above are difficult to do? You don’t need to worry because you can still do yoga for strength treatment. One of simpler pose is Samanasana pose. Just prepare your yoga mat first. Next, do the right side laydown or vice versa as long as you are comfortable enough with the position.

Just make sure that your left body parts can hold the right body parts. While holding this position, just adjust your head up to see the ceiling. Lift your right hand up just like your head straightly. Just hold this position around 5 minutes. Don’t underestimate because Samanasana yoga pose can strengthen your alignment and core control.

To make it perfect along with maximal result, inhale and exhale constantly around five times before turning the position to the opposite side.

Beginner Side Plank Pose

If you want to increase the difficulty level, you can just do a specific yoga pose known as beginner side plank pose. Actually, beginner side plank pose is similar to Samanasana pose. What makes it different is on its hand position.

 In Samanasana pose you don’t need to do anything with your arm. It is positioned straightly and putted close to the mat or ground. In contrast, beginner side plank pose is also strengthening your balance. In this case, you have to lift the arm and the spill is on one hand. Let say, you can start to do the beginner side plank pose for the right parts first.

The key to do this pose perfectly is by straightening your arm and make sure that your hand is strong enough to hold your body. Everything has to be straight including your back, arm, and legs. The last thing to do is adjust your head up to see the ceiling. It is the same with your left hand. Lift up your left hand straightly that it seems you want to reach the ceiling.

Just be careful while doing this position because sometimes you may lose balance and fall down. The most important tip to do is you should try to stabilize your shoulder. The shoulder helps your hand to balance your body so you can do this pose a little bit longer.

Try to do it for 5 minutes per session and it will be better to do 3 sessions. Again, constant inhale and exhale are a must to increase your focus. When you are done with the first 3 sessions, you can do the position for the left part of your body.

Navasana Pose

This yoga pose is considered as a complex pose. In fact, it combines between core strength, hip flexion, and mental steadiness. Actually, Navasana pose is a great pose for your back and because of that, it is believed to be the way to overcome back pain.

Navasana pose is also known as boat pose. This is due to the position of the legs which look like the position when you are sitting on a boat. Your stomach is sucked in. This simple position can increase the strength of your core.

Uttplutih Pose

Do you want to do something simple but it gives significant impact? Just include Uttplutih pose on your yoga training. Actually, this position is also known as lotus position. The position is similar to Sukhasana pose. You just need to sit with crossed leg. The different is that you may lift the bottom part of your leg.

Don’t forget to straight your back. Just like stated above, this is a simple pose with significant impact. By doing it regularly, you can strengthen your arm, core, thighs, and chest. When you have achieved this pose, just hold it around 10 minutes or 10 breathes.

Doing it daily can increase your mental as well as your physical endurance. The best time to do this yoga pose is before sleeping at night and anytime you finish your yoga exercise. It helps you to relax your muscles maximally so you can sleep tight and reduce injury after exercise.

Chaturanga Dansana Pose

In common language, this pose is also known as four pronged staff position. The best way to do this position is by preparing yourself into a pushup position. It is similar and by doing this pose, you are about to strengthen your arm and shoulder.

Just be careful while doing it to prevent fatal injury. For more comfort and better position, you can combine it with plank position. Try to up and down slowly for several times. This pose along with up and down movement is useful to strengthen not only your arm but also the whole parts of your body.

Bakasana Pose

Do you want to strengthening and balancing your arms? If it is so, you can do one of popular yoga poses known as Bakasana pose. This is an advanced pose.

This movement is a little bit hard to do earlier but after you get used to with the movement, you can do it well. The most important thing, you can feel the positive impact. You will have strong and balance arm.

Headstand Pose

The reason why yoga is useful to improve your health is because it helps you to run blood to your brain smoothly. It can be seen from the headstand yoga pose. It is also considered as a great yoga for strength. In Sanskrit language, this position is known as Sirsasana pose.

The main function of this pose is to increase the strength of your shoulder as well as relaxing your nervous system. The secret is the headstand position in which it helps your body to deliver blood to your brain smoothly. It is hard to do this pose by yourself. If you want to do it by yourself, just does it near a wall and don’t forget to prepare a mat for your comfort.

When it is ready, you can do the headstand. Just like the name of the position, you are putting your head on the bottom and your legs on the top. For first time doers, you may do it a few minutes. Just be careful because you will be a little bit dizzy in the first time but there is nothing to worry about. It is a normal condition.

As time goes by and you tend to do this, there will be okay. Even, you feel better and it seems that your body is stronger and fresher than before. In specific, this type pose is useful to increase your focus as well as your mental stability because blood finally runs perfectly to your brain. It is also related to the fact that your brain gets enough oxygen.

Pincha Mayurasana Pose (Dolphin Pose)

Just like headstand pose, this yoga pose is also important to strengthen your shoulder and core of your body. For perfection, you need to be helped with a professional instructor. If you want to do it by yourself anyway, just does it close to the wall because the wall helps you to stand the position.

This position helps you to increase the strength of your foundation, align the spine, and shoulder. It will be a great yoga pose for those who have a problem with your shoulder or shape arm and shoulder muscles.

Now, you know that there are several yoga poses which are useful to strengthen your body. Let’s discuss a little bit about the areas which will be strengthened by doing yoga poses regularly. Hopefully, this information helps you to do yoga for strength seriously and constantly.


Strengthen Core Area

If you want to strengthen your core area and you still searching for the best exercise, just go with yoga. In fact, yoga poses can increase the strength your core muscles. Specific yoga pose especially plank pose is perfect for increasing your core area. In different case, you can try to do boat yoga pose.

This pose is perfect for those who want to burn out of your abs. At the same time, you are able to strengthen your pelvic bone and your legs.


Strengthen Arm

Definitely, some of yoga areas work well to strengthen your arm. To reach your target, you may try to do specific poses including plank in which you are spread your weight into the arm and legs. Crane and crown poses are also increasing the strength of your arm effectively.

Sometimes you need to increase the level by make your arm as the support for your full body. Slowly but sure, there will be significant different on your arm. You will have strength arm than before. It is also a good pose if you want to bulk or shape your arms.


Strengthen Legs

Do you want to have strong legs? If it is so, why don’t you try to do yoga? Yoga is considered as a simple exercise to do along with maximal result. By doing specific yoga poses, you can increase the strength of your leg. Those are including your hips, quadriceps, and thighs.


Strengthen Gluts

Yoga is also used to strength gluts. To get this achievement, you can consider several yoga poses. Those are including yoga squats, bridges, and warrior poses. Those poses help you to have better gluts for better performance.


Strengthen Back

It can’t be doubt that yoga poses can increase the strength of your back. Most of poses are involving back part of your body. Let say, specific yoga pose such as downward facing dog, child’s pose, and cat or cow pose are useful for your back.

It works by letting the back muscles stretching well and maximally without any dangerous side effects. This is also the reason why most of therapists ask their clients to do yoga to overcome sore back problem.

Now, how can yoga poses strengthen your full body parts? This is because by doing those simple poses, you are treating specific elements of your body. For example, by doing yoga poses you can increase your flexibility.

This is due to the positions which stretch your muscles maximally. At the same time, those positions can increase your motion. Of course, the key is doing those poses regularly and take it as your new habit. The most important thing is that yoga can be done by everyone including beginner doers.

piyo reviews, yoga burn pose by zoe

yoga by zoe

It is useful for all ages and fitness level doers. At least, you can do basic yoga poses for the earlier level and you can increase the difficulty level slowly. Yoga is also considered as a flexible exercise in which you can do it indoor or outdoor. You can do it at a yoga training center, at home, or outdoor. As long as you have a yoga mat, you are ready to do your favorite yoga poses.

Although some of the poses are complicated to do sometimes, you need to know that yoga is a low impact exercise. You don’t need to worry about fatal injury as long as you do the pose carefully and perfectly. To reduce the risk, it is better to do this exercise with a professional instructor.

In fact, you can chose yoga poses based on the part you want to strength. It can be seen from yoga for specific purpose such as yoga for pregnant women, yoga for diabetes, yoga for high blood pressure, and many more.

The idea is how to do yoga poses to increase your health more than before. Hopefully, after learning more about yoga for strength, you will be healthier and get better life. You can be more productive and full of positive energy.

Definitely, yoga for strength works well as long as you do it perfectly, regularly, and in high consistency.

Yoga For Dummies – The Complete Information About Yoga

While calling it's yoga for dummies is too much, but if you never or just started doing yoga, you should definitely continue on. Who doesn’t know Yoga? A body practice which is combined with mind purity. Here, there are so many styles of Yoga which combine the breathing techniques, physical postures, and relaxation or meditation. As we know, Yoga has become so very well known because women love this thing.

Moreover, there are so many benefits which you can get if you do Yoga. Besides, Yoga is also considered to improve the control of mind and body and to enhance well being of us. But, there is a common problem which comes to the people. What is it? It is how to do Yoga properly.

Yoga can’t be done if you have no idea about how to do it properly. So, you need a Guru or a guidance which can teach you to do Yoga properly. However, if you don’t want to ask for help to Guru, you can do it by yourself. Here, a guidance which explains everything about Yoga is the answer.

yoga for dummies, yoga meditation

For example, yoga for dummies, a book which is made to assist you to do Yoga properly. As been described before, when you can do Yoga properly, you can improve the control of your body and mind. Moreover, you will be calmer because you become well being person.

What is Yoga?

Before going further, it is better for you to know what Yoga is. Here, there is still no written record about who has invented Yoga. The fact is, Yoga practitioners – called as Yogis – had practiced Yoga before any written note or record came into the existence. Which means, we can say that Yoga had been practiced in pre-historic age.

But, it is just an assumption. After the historic age comes, the first literature and techniques of Yoga were found in the ancient religious texts of India. It used an ancient language which is called Sanskrit, a language which was used by Indo-European of Vedas.

Here the book is called “Yoga Sutra”. It is a 2,000 years old book which is considered as the oldest literatures of Yoga in this world. Here, the Yoga Sutra teaches how to achieve mastery over the emotions and mind on the spiritual growth.

 If the word of Yoga is interpreted or translated, there are several meanings which can be used. Here, this word from Sanskrit means “join”, “concentrate”, or “to yoke” – essentially has a meaning to unite. In this literature, a man who practices Yoga is called a Yogin and a woman who practices Yoga is called a Yogini.

yoga for dummies, Yoga infographics, Surya Namaskar sequence

Yoga infographics, Surya Namaskar sequence, Salutation to the Sun, benefits of practice

Nowadays, there are so many Yogis who teach people by improving the movements of Yoga. Moreover, many schools of Yoga are also developed in reaching popularity. Besides, the postures are more accentuated as well. Whereas, it doesn’t become a dominant part in original Yoga in India.

Different with original Yoga, fitness is not a purpose of doing Yoga. Here, the components which have been taught are pranayama – improving vital energy by calm breath, dharana – improving mental, and nada – improving the sound.

The Philosophy of Yoga

In the ancient age, Yoga was often related to the nature. Such as a tree with trunk, roots, branches, fruits, and blossoms. Here, there is a number of Yoga branch which has special characteristics. Moreover, those characteristics also represent a particular approach to life. Those are:

  • tint
    Raja Yoga, which accentuates a meditation and a strict adherence which relate to the components of eight limbs of Yoga.
  • tint
    Bhakti Yoga, it is a path of devotion – the best way to share the emotions and positively cultivate tolerance and acceptance.
  • tint
    Tantra Yoga, it is a kind of ritual which improves a relationship by a consummation or ceremony.
  • tint
    Karma Yoga, which teaches you to create a better future by throwing away any negativity
  • tint
    Hatha Yoga, it is about mental and physical which involve pranayama and asana to unite mind and body.
  • tint
    Jnana Yoga, the wisdom – the path which is chosen by the intellect or scholar through the lessons.

What are the eight limbs of Yoga?

As been described before, these eight limbs relate to the Raja Yoga. However, you may have no idea about what are those limbs. Here, we can make a correlation with the path which should be followed. Those limbs are:

  • tint
    Yamas, the sense of an integrity and the ethical standards. There are fives yamas in this component. Such the satya – which means the truthfulness, brahmacharya – which means the continence, asteya – which means not stealing, ahimsa – which means no violence, and aparigraha – which means no covetousness. 
  • tint
    Niyama, it is about the spiritual observances, self discipline, contemplative walks, and meditation practices. Here, Niyama has five components such as samtosa – which is about the contentment, svadhyaya – learning about ourselves and sacred literatures, tapas – which is about spiritual austerities, isvara pranidhana – surrender to the God, and saucha – which is about cleanliness.
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    Pratyahara, the withdrawal of ourselves from the outside world and senses of perception.
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    Dhyana, the contemplation or meditation which requires us to concentrate from any interrupting things.
  • tint
    Samadhi, the quiet condition from a pleasurement awareness.
  • tint
    Dharana, the process of concentration to make a one pointedness mind.
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    Asana, the harmonious integration of body and mind by doing physical activities.

After knowing some information about Yoga, now you may understand how Yoga has a capability so many benefits. Besides, your mind and your body will be in a one harmony.

What are the benefits of Yoga for our health?

When Yoga provides so many benefits to us, of course it doesn’t give any negative things. However, there are some scientific trials which have been conducted to research the medical uses and health benefits of Yoga. And the result is, of course, there is no negative effect unless positive effects.

Here, the result proves that Yoga has a capability to increase our physical activities and enhance our flexibility, balance, and even strength. Besides, Yoga is proven to give some benefits in medical conditions.

Here, the researches which have been conducted by some medical doctors and scientists, accentuate potential benefits which relate to the health. Here, Yoga will completely relieve stress and cope any chronic conditions.

Moreover, Yoga is also proven to help the body heal and prevent some diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and even menopause symptoms. To give you some information about the benefits about Yoga, here we will give some medical conditions which can be treated below.

  • check
    The depression and anxiety

You may already know from the words which we have given to you that Yoga is a practice which unite mind and body. Here, depression and anxiety are the negative things which can be treated by Yoga. In a research which has been conducted, it shows that a veteran can reduce the depression, anxiety, and even suicidal idea by doing Yoga in 9 weeks.

The mental health of the veteran is completely improved. Besides, the stress hormone which usually appears in a depression, is also reduced because practicing Yoga. Because of it, Yoga is believed to give an anti stress system.

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yoga for dummies, yoga forward bend

Yoga Forward Bend, one of the yoga poses that's good for curing asthma

According to the study which makes people with asthma as the subject. Those who practice Yoga, has shown positive improvements rather than those who do not practice Yoga. Which means, people with asthma will have a possibility to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Here, the result also shows that doing Yoga can improve the levels of antioxidant superoxide and hemoglobin. Moreover, the total leukocyte count - or called TLC, also shows a significant decrease. Because of this proof, Yoga is considered to have a capability to alleviate asthma.

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    Mental Health

This problem may relate to the Hatha Yoga. Yep, it is about a mind. As been described before, Yoga will provide so many positive effects to your mind and body - especially mental health. Based on the study which has been conducted, it said that Yoga has a capability to improve self-esteem, fatigue, and the quality of life

When Hatha Yoga is combined with resistance exercise, it also provides a good effect for your body image. Moreover, these two things will completely decrease the depression symptoms as well.

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There is a review which is conducted by observing 9 studies about Yoga. The result is, there are some positive changes which can be found in physiological and psychological outcomes for those with arthritis. Even though studies have different length and implement random designs.

There are some proofs which show that practicing Yoga will give benefits to those with arthritis. Moreover, Yoga will improve the psychological conditions as well.

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    Bipolar disorder

This is one of the medical conditions which also gets an impact from practicing Yoga. Here, those with bipolar disorder are reported to improve their positive emotions, cognitive effects – more focus and acceptance, physical effects – increasing energy and losing weight, and reduce the anxiety.

Moreover, the respondents have said that Yoga brings positive effects in their lives. In addition, Yoga makes their mind become positive as well.

What about Yoga for Dummies?

It is inevitable that Yoga is still considered as a thing which is painful – based on the fact that the motions are different. Moreover, there are some myths which make people do not want to practice Yoga. Especially for those who are still new to Yoga.

Here, if you want to change your life, we suggest you to do Yoga. But, if you have no idea about it, try to find a Guru or a class. Besides, don’t worry about the myths which relate to the Yoga. Why? Because we can debunk those myths for you.

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    Yoga is just for double-jointed people. If you think that Yoga can only be done by specific people, you may need to get rid of that thought. Here, You have to know that everyone can practice Yoga.
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    Yoga is a kind of religion. As been described before, Yoga is a philosophy which has so many practices. Even though it relates to Hinduism, you don’t need to be worried because it is definitely not a religion. It is secular.
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    Yoga is just for South Asia people. After reading the information that Yoga was born in India, you may realize that Yoga is for everyone. Whoever wants to practice Yoga, just do it. Besides, Yoga has become popular in western recently.
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    Yoga is a mindless exercise. If you compare Yoga with gymnastics, you may have no idea about the essence of Yoga. As we know, Yoga combines mind and body. So, it is not a mindless exercise.
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    Yoga is just for those who are weak. It is normal if people think that Yoga is good for weaklings. But, you have to know that many athletes practice Yoga to recover their body condition. So, are athletes weak?
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    Yoga will not give any mass improvement. Based on the fact that Yoga has so many motions which relate with arm, leg, back, and even chest muscles, you will find the answer if you practice Yoga. Not only your strength, Yoga also improves your flexibility and balance.
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    You can only do Yoga once a month. It is completely not true. Here, you can do Yoga every day if you want. But, make sure that you are in a good condition.

How to do Yoga properly?

Everyone wants to do Yoga properly to get the best results. Here, there are some purposes which people want to reach. Such as increase the flexibility, gain the strength, manage the stress, and gain more peaceful life. The point is you need to have a positive mind if you want to do Yoga. Here, you should:

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    Set the clear goals. As been described before, there are so many benefits which you can get if you practice Yoga. However, to get the best results, you need to set your goals. It is like a better health, flexibility, strength, inner peace, weight loss, positive mental attitude, and so on.
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    Make a commitment. When you practice Yoga, you need to make a commitment to reach your goals easily. Here, if you want to get any positive improvement, you have to make an exact schedule. In addition, set your time as well.
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    Be a Yoga enthusiast. This doesn’t make you become a fanatic, yet you have to reach your goals with sincerity and persistence. Besides, you can also ask your friends or your family members to do Yoga.
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    Have a role model. If you have a role model, you may be encouraged to do Yoga regularly. You need to have someone who can make you improve yourself. Here, you can choose one who has succeeded.
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    Keep learning. We know that everyone can’t master Yoga in shortly. There are some things which should be learned to improve. Here, you can read magazines, books, or websites which offer Yoga lessons.

Can Yoga combined with weight workouts?

Yes, of course. You can combine Yoga with weight workouts. But, you have to know that there are some things you have to consider. Here, those are:

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    Breathe consciously. You should relax and focus on the exercise, because you need more oxygen. Moreover, you have to know when to inhale and exhale.
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    Eat light meals. You may already know that food can give energy to your body. If you do not want to feel uncomfortable feelings when doing Yoga, you have to eat a light meal. Here, you can eat two hours before starting exercise. Besides, you are suggested to eat a meal which contains small protein.
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    Don’t be rough. Here, if you are a person who loves to exercise hard, you need to control your habit. Why? Because Yoga is also about relaxation. Besides, if you take exercise too hard, it will not be in line with the purposes of doing Yoga.
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    Don’t overstretch. There is a possibility to gain some risks of getting injuries if you overstretching. Yep, it will affect your ligaments and joints. So, if you want to start practicing Yoga, make sure that you do only light stretching.
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    Know your limit. When you want to push your limit, it means that you take much energy. It is different with the essence of doing Yoga. So, to avoid bad things happen, you are suggested to rest when your body asks you to rest.

Is there any information about Yoga with weight workouts?

If you want to do Yoga with weight workouts, you have to maintain a good posture alignment. Yep, it will give you a good foundation to strengthen your back, limbs, and head. Besides, you will decrease the risk of getting injuries and increase the portion of doing Yoga with weight workouts.

Here, the yoga for dummies suggests you to align the shoulders with hips, keep the collarbones stay wide and shoulders back, engage the muscles of the belly, keep down the tailbone, stand with the legs below the hips, stand with the feet parallel with each other, keep the hands stay balanced and strong, and keep the shoulders relaxed and open.

You can also check out the yoga program that I followed, which bring great results to me and still bring endless benefit for me.

What is Piyo?

Everybody knows that exercise is important to keep our body healthy and fit. Unfortunately, it is not a secret that working out is not the exactly an easy activity. There are many people that actually want to work out and shape their body, but they can’t due to their physical condition, for example because they are overweight or exercise put too much strain on their joints.

PiYo is a new exercise dedicated for those people. It is a low-impact exercise so it can be easily followed. In addition, this exercise is also meant to improve flexibility, increase body strength as well. When searching for the best workout program for me, I came across piyo, while I CHOOSE NOT TO BUY IT, you can read about it in my piyo reviews, but here's what piyo is all about:

What is PiYo?

PiYo is actually an acronym of Pilates and Yoga, and just like what the name suggests, it blends the best of both Yoga and Pilates. Just from that information alone, you definitely can predict what kind of exercise Piyo is and how beneficial it is for your health. This workout was developed by a prominent name in the world of health and fitness, Chalene Johnson.

Just like Pilates and Yoga, PiYo is a low-impact workout. The movements in Pilates and Yoga are pretty similar. Both exercises also require you to hold the pose for a certain amount of time before moving to another one. But it also has some clear differences.


The main goal of Pilates is to strengthen your core muscles, such as abdomen, oblique, thigh and butt. Sometimes additional exercise equipment can also be used to increase the impact of the workout. Pilates is also great exercise for those who want to tone and shape their muscles. Some poses are also designed to improve flexibility. Furthermore, this exercise is also beneficial for people who want to recover from physical injuries as well as reducing pain in some body parts, especially back pain.

Meanwhile, the main goal of Yoga is to improve mind, body and spirit connection. The poses are effective to improve flexibility, and just like Pilates, it can strengthen your muscle to some point. However, in this exercise, it is the mind, body and spirit connection that becomes the main focus.

yoga by zoe

yoga by zoe

Yoga involves plenty of breathing technique. In Yoga, the breathing technique is not only a means to provide better oxygen circulation which will give you more energy to exercise. Instead, breathing is a way to promote relaxation for your mind and body. For physical exercise, Yoga usually use your own body weight as a way to strengthen your muscle. 

Unlike Pilates that often uses various exercise equipment, Yoga poses solely depend on your body. This is mostly because Yoga use your own body weight as a way to strengthen your muscle.

Charlene Johnsons claims that since PiYo is basically a combination of Yoga and Pilates, PiYo involves similar movements and benefits with those two workouts. However, instead of holding the pose for a long time, PiYo is choreographed with a dynamic flow, bringing Yoga and Pilates into higher intensity. So, in addition to Yoga and Pilates, PiYo also has a cardio exercise aspect in it.

She also said that Yoga and Pilates are low intensity exercises, so they don’t burn plenty of calories. This is the main difference between PiYo and the two exercises that inspired it. PiYo is a fast paced exercise with high intensity. As a result, it will naturally burn more calories, making it a good choice if you want something fast paced for your exercise.

PiYo Workouts

PiYo is a full body workout. It is divided into several routines that will train specific muscles in your body with different level of intensity. Here are some of the most important parts of the workout that you will do in every session.

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     Fundamental Align – this is the first step of the exercise. In this part, you will learn to do the movements of the workout in slow motion so that you can do them properly when the pace is increased.
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    Upper and Lower Body Training – The poses will focus on defining the muscles in your triceps, shoulders and calves.
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     Core – The poses in this part focus on strengthening your abdomen as well as your lumbar pelvic.
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     Sweat – You will do some Yoga inspired position to improve your endurance.
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    Drench – It is the same with Sweat, but the pace is increased in order to accelerate calorie burning. It is the most challenging routine in this exercise and designed for people with higher fitness level.
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    Strength Interval – This part is beneficial to accelerate weight loss. It is a low-impact cardio training that will burn plenty of calories.
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    Sculpt – In this part, you will have to hold the pose for a certain interval to put some tensions in your muscles and shape your body
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     Buns – This part is dedicated to strengthen the lower body part and it involves core movements like lunges and squats.

PiYo workouts usually last for 25 to 45 minutes, but it can easily be adjusted according to your fitness level.

Hopefully, this can give you a little insight what Piyo is and what will you get by buying Piyo. I personally choose not to buy Charlene Johnson's Piyo, because it's expensive, and if you want to know more about it, you can read my piyo reviews.