Several Yoga Workouts that You Can Try at Home

Many people not yet familiar with Yoga and often asked what yoga is? What yoga can do for your body? Is it appropriate? And more. Yoga is the very precise of body weight postures and several movements that had been designed to improve your body in several essential parts..

There is an endless variation that you will meet, even more than 908 poses (last counted and as far as I know). You will perform several poses that will work all of your body, try to focus on different aims to develop your strength and flexibility. Usually, they are including of these categories: the core poses, forward bends, balancing poses, inversion poses, restorative poses, standing poses, arm balanced poses, seated and the twisting poses.

You also need to perform many varieties of breathing techniques as well. Several ancient wise men realized that people spend most of their time to breathe, and this is so essential, so proper Yoga pays more attention to learn how to optimize and control your breath as well. There are many people also try to get Yoga workouts at home, usually only include simple poses.

Every pose has several versions, come from beginner and advanced versions. Derived from the simple one to the extremely advanced as well. The beginner version can be done by everyone, regardless of their capability. The poses were balancing carefully, so your body can work evenly, such as the forward bend poses and then followed by the backward bend poses, the left side will be followed by the right and inversion also following the standing.

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There are several sequences of pose, such as: the Sun Salutation which also an important ritual or also known as yogic pushup/ stretch that can be done only in few minutes. There is also Moksha Series that takes around an hour to complete and contains many yoga poses that will benefit your health greatly.

Why you do Yoga?

Anyone can do yoga, no matter how you look, how your dress, how much your weight, how old are you, what you are doing for life, what your religion and more. Keep in mind that Yoga is no exclusive thing at all. You might have certain conditions which make it more challenging or harmful when you were trying a particular type of Yoga, the breathing technique or certain poses.

However, there is a possibility that can be your better alternative which should be assisted by an experienced Yoga instructor. If you are 55 years old and very inflexible, you can start with gentle class until you feel comfortable to move into more challenging stage. Do not say ok with pain. It's all right when you are facing several dis comfortable things, but the pain is the way that can tell you to back off as well.

Yoga and Your Body:

  • Strengthen your tendons and muscles, especially in stabilizer muscles
  • Of course, increasing and improving your flexibility
  • Develop your coordination and balancing
  • Increasing the bone density from the whole of skeletal system
  • Straighten your posture and alignment in your body
  • Increasing your cardiovascular ability, lowering the heart rate and make oxygen becomes more effective
  • Repairing your organ function inside the body through right posture so they can be held correctly and make them work better as well
  • Reducing the possibility of injury
  • Burning more calorie
  • Stimulate your immune system
  • Reducing your fatigue and pain

Yoga and Your Mind:

  • Improving your discipline
  • Increasing your happiness level
  • Improving your focus
  • Boosting your energy
  • Reducing your tension and stress level
  • Increasing your perception is ability for mind to point out directly where and how you body will move, such as: touching your fingers toward your nose with closed eyes or taking step back and let your foot in the same line with your other foot
  • Increasing your flows
  • Getting better health and quality sleep
  • Provide a time for having moving meditation
  • Increasing yourself worth
  • Boosting your performance in mental test
  • Giving a feeling of pride

If you do not have any physical activities, then it is better to try Yoga. If you properly try yoga, then it will become a comprehensive fitness which can make you flexible, healthy, active, and happy for the rest of your life as well. Keep in mind that Yoga is fun. This comes from an adult who never tries to stand up with one foot and mimicking the tree. 

It allows you to try something new without any fear. This is a great opportunity for those who have open minded and wanted to learn something new and challenging. It teaches you about yourself and how you will handle frustration when falling six times when you try to figure out Crane Pose and more exciting things. You should know that Yoga is reconnecting your mind and body into a beautiful thing, improving your whole body, and increasing self-awareness.

If you were an athlete, yoga is also a great option. Yoga is the perfect supplement for any sports. No matter if its weightlifting, badminton, or other sports, Yoga will fill up the gaps in your training; make sure that you do not have a weak connection in your muscular-skeletal system. The high point is Yoga also speeds up your recovery and increase your performance, as well as increasing your life quality.

The more abstract word which had been used for several teachers were considered as the fancy images that can guide your posses.


Yoga can be done with bare feet on the Yoga mat. Even the most basic of stretching also need clothes which allow to move and stretch, so this is better to wear your most comfortable cloth which allows you to move easier. If you join with gentle or slower class, you can try to wear the warm outfit, such as long sleeve shirt and the sweatpants as well. However, If you join with fast-paced classes, you should wear the tank top and short pants.

Several classes use additional equipment, such as chairs, straps, bolsters, blankets, and blocks. You do not need to buy these extra pieces of equipment when you are just starting Yoga. If you are joining their studio class, they will provide all of the things that you need. However, if you are participating in online class or try out Yoga workouts at home, then you need the Yoga mat and other additional equipment.

If yes, there is an easy way to replace these Yoga props, such as you can use rope instead of a strap. Even several Yoga teachers also frequent recommended several alternatives for those who do not have props in a specific class.

Of course, you should buy Yoga mat when you choose to get Yoga workouts at home. However, most of the studios provide you with free or rental Yoga mats, but they are typically plastic cheap mat, and you might feel more comfortable with your own mat.

Yoga mats also come in wide range of sizes and materials, so it’s better to educate yourself, especially if you look for free toxic mats and could support your joints, such as wrists and knees. Many options are available, so it could make you dizzy; however, you can read several reviews from the most popular Yoga mats, and it can be purchased online as well.

What you should know before trying your first Yoga?

There are standard rules which were similar in any classes such as, come early, do not disturb the teacher and do not wear perfume at all. Questions are welcome, but it's better to ask at the beginning or closing class, depending on how many students. However, if you prefer to perform Yoga workouts at home, you can do it on your own. You should know that each instructor has their own approach of teaching.

Some of them prefer to focus on the physical posture, while some of them prefer on mediation. Some of them also perform adjustment to their students while the others do not. Your experience from one class with other class can be so different. For example, they both teaching about Power Yoga, but the teachers have very different style.

Yoga classes aimed to become a place where you feel comfortable and feel cared for, this is a workout without any judgment. You do not have to worry if you cannot catch up as anyone did. It's more important to step forward based on your pace to ensure that you do anything safely. Even, you do not need to know the name of the pose for participating. 

Most of instructors will provide clear instruction and tip for the positioning and alignment as well. The main focus is toning your body throughout challenging physical exercise and improving your health through better flexibility, relaxation and the body awareness.

If you do not have much time to join in Yoga class, there is an alternative by following several Yoga workouts online program which means you can do yoga at home, typically you perform in simple poses:

1.   Strength workout with power Yoga flow
  • You can try to raise your leg to warrior in 3 x 10
  • Performing eagle squat in 10 times
  • Warrior two lifts in 10 times
  • The crescent lunges in 10 times
  • Push up in 10 times
  • The goddess squats in 10 times
  • The spinal balance then pulse off in 10 times
  • Downdog to the beast in 10 times
  • Single leg raise in 10 times, then continuing with bridge in 1 minimal time
  • The side plank with toe tap in 10 times

You can rest with for 2 minutes and take a deep breath, and then you can repeat these flows on opposite side. This Yoga routine is a good option for beginner and can be done in your every morning. If you follow this routine, you will increase your strength gradually, having better balancing and flexibility. You can complete these steps and BE CAREFUL, do not force any poses that make you do not feel right in your body.

These flows are including of side planks, bridges, side planks and raising the leg which can create your Yoga routine increasing your great balance as well as toning your muscles.

2.   Try long and lean full body flow pose
  • Rotated in side angle prayer
  • Downward position in facing dog
  • Posing the warrior one
  • Reversing the warrior
  • Half moon pose
  • The bound extended in one side angle
  • Spreading your legged forward in bend
  • The open lizard pose
  • Pigeon pose
  • Seating with spinal twist
  • Half wheel pose
  • The savasana pose

Thank for many sources which provide many Yoga poses that you can do at home. Everything that you needed is a laptop, wifi, and your Yoga mat. This is an alternative if you cannot join any Yoga classes near your houses. The Full Body Plow Pose routine more focuses on the stretching which can relieve your back pain along with building your muscles and burning out your fat. It's an excellent workout for you to do in the morning when you are trying to wake up without having morning coffee shot.

Although Yoga classes are so inspiring, for some people who cannot adjust their busy schedule, these routine above might be a great alternative. You can watch several videos from many sources, or follow online class, which is more flexible that can meet with your time.

How you can know which Yoga style that you should perform first?

If you never tried Yoga before, the best place to start for many people is beginner Yoga class hatha. Hatha class focused most of it on physical posture, as opposed to meditation, mantra and the pranayama. You will move slow enough to maintain your focus in safer alignment. As mentioned before, this is also depending on your teacher as well. There are many places that you can start; you can even learn from Yoga videos for beginner through many sources.

You can follow online programs that provide you with several hatha Yoga routines for beginner. If you are 55 years or more, you might prefer to take a gentle or particular class for seniors. You can find the senior classes in several places, or to find it online and try to follow that routine at home. If you think that you are so inflexible, you do not need to feel any shame. 

You will get the same benefit as others get, but you might spend more time to notice the effect. You might consider getting yin Yoga which holding poses longer and gaining more meditative sense. If you are in fit enough condition, you can enjoy challenging Yoga workouts, and the power Yoga can be the right choice.

How often should you get Yoga?

If you can practice Yoga at three times in a week, you might notice several significant improvements in some areas, such as better flexibility, strength, balance, motion, get better sleep quality, better ability to manage your stress, happiness, and overall well-being as well. Because everyone body is different, the results will be also different for each person. You can perform Yoga routines for the beginner in 1 or 2 times per week that will help you increase your flexibility or help you lose weight. 

Usually, you can see the improvements of yoga after a few weeks. Similar to anything that related with fitness, the more time that you spend, the more benefits you will get. That's why you should do yoga consistently and make sure that you spend at least one to two times a week to do those workouts to improve your flexibility and health.


Hi, I'm Grace and I'm a mom of 2 adorable girls. I enjoy blogging and have recently taken a real liking to Yoga and how the mind works. Why not follow me and my journey and take on the Yoga challenge for yourself :D

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