The List of Popular Yoga for Strength You Should Try

Yoga for strength is a solution for those who want to have stronger body and mind. So, by doing yoga you will be more relax, flexible muscles, stronger body, and healthier mind. What you should know about yoga for strength is the posture or the poses. The list below is trying to show to you some yoga poses to strengthen your body and mind.

After learning the best yoga poses, you just need to do it regularly and patiently until achieving the result you want most. If you have never do yoga before, and curious about it you should read my post about yoga for dummies and you could also read about my experience with yoga program available on the internet.

Sukhasana Pose

To achieve this yoga pose, you need to do specific positions. Before doing it, it is better to prepare a mat. If you don’t have a mat, just make sure that you are doing this pose in the most comfortable position. It is also important to wear the most comfortable cloth so it doesn’t disturb your movement.

Now, start the Sukhasana pose by doing comfortable cross legged seating position. Just manage your back straightly. When you feel the comfort, start to close your eyes. Focus on your breath and try to relax your breath. Exhale and inhale constantly. While achieving constant exhale and inhale, try to manage your mind.

Release everything which makes you unhappy or unpleasant. Try to hold this position and condition for a few minutes along with quiet reflection. In yoga, you need to reach equanimous condition. This simple pose can strengthen your immune system because you are trying to reach your calmest position.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Pose

This is also a perfect yoga for strength you can do. By doing this pose regularly, you are able to strengthen your arm and shoulder. Before doing this position, you need to prepare the same thing just like you want do the first pose above. Start it with a straight position. Slowly but sure, try to lower your upper body. Just imagine that you are about to make a reverse “V”.

The key success to do Adho Mukha Svanasana position is straight leg, arm, and back. Hold your neck straight and your eye has to see your knee. This position is not only used to strengthen your arm but also your knee, shoulder, back, and any part of your body. To get maximal result, just hold the position around 5 minutes per session.

While holding this position, try to exhale and inhale constantly. This position is also known as Downward Facing Dog pose.

Dolphin Plank Pose

Some of you might have learned about plank position. Actually, the position is the same with that plank position. Just prepare your yoga mat for your own comfortableness. Now, try to laydown in prone or stomach position. Focus on your leg and your arm. In this step, you are about to do a position which is similar to push up position.

The different is on the arm position. In push up you are using your hand to hold your body. In dolphin plank pose, you are using your elbow. Just make sure that your leg, elbow, arm and back are straight enough By doing this simple yoga pose, you are strengthen your arm, leg, back, and stomach.

You don’t have to do it too long. 5 minutes per session is enough as long as you do it regularly and it is better to do it 3 sessions. Don’t forget to exhale and inhale constantly.

Samanasana Pose

How about if you think that the poses above are difficult to do? You don’t need to worry because you can still do yoga for strength treatment. One of simpler pose is Samanasana pose. Just prepare your yoga mat first. Next, do the right side laydown or vice versa as long as you are comfortable enough with the position.

Just make sure that your left body parts can hold the right body parts. While holding this position, just adjust your head up to see the ceiling. Lift your right hand up just like your head straightly. Just hold this position around 5 minutes. Don’t underestimate because Samanasana yoga pose can strengthen your alignment and core control.

To make it perfect along with maximal result, inhale and exhale constantly around five times before turning the position to the opposite side.

Beginner Side Plank Pose

If you want to increase the difficulty level, you can just do a specific yoga pose known as beginner side plank pose. Actually, beginner side plank pose is similar to Samanasana pose. What makes it different is on its hand position.

 In Samanasana pose you don’t need to do anything with your arm. It is positioned straightly and putted close to the mat or ground. In contrast, beginner side plank pose is also strengthening your balance. In this case, you have to lift the arm and the spill is on one hand. Let say, you can start to do the beginner side plank pose for the right parts first.

The key to do this pose perfectly is by straightening your arm and make sure that your hand is strong enough to hold your body. Everything has to be straight including your back, arm, and legs. The last thing to do is adjust your head up to see the ceiling. It is the same with your left hand. Lift up your left hand straightly that it seems you want to reach the ceiling.

Just be careful while doing this position because sometimes you may lose balance and fall down. The most important tip to do is you should try to stabilize your shoulder. The shoulder helps your hand to balance your body so you can do this pose a little bit longer.

Try to do it for 5 minutes per session and it will be better to do 3 sessions. Again, constant inhale and exhale are a must to increase your focus. When you are done with the first 3 sessions, you can do the position for the left part of your body.

Navasana Pose

This yoga pose is considered as a complex pose. In fact, it combines between core strength, hip flexion, and mental steadiness. Actually, Navasana pose is a great pose for your back and because of that, it is believed to be the way to overcome back pain.

Navasana pose is also known as boat pose. This is due to the position of the legs which look like the position when you are sitting on a boat. Your stomach is sucked in. This simple position can increase the strength of your core.

Uttplutih Pose

Do you want to do something simple but it gives significant impact? Just include Uttplutih pose on your yoga training. Actually, this position is also known as lotus position. The position is similar to Sukhasana pose. You just need to sit with crossed leg. The different is that you may lift the bottom part of your leg.

Don’t forget to straight your back. Just like stated above, this is a simple pose with significant impact. By doing it regularly, you can strengthen your arm, core, thighs, and chest. When you have achieved this pose, just hold it around 10 minutes or 10 breathes.

Doing it daily can increase your mental as well as your physical endurance. The best time to do this yoga pose is before sleeping at night and anytime you finish your yoga exercise. It helps you to relax your muscles maximally so you can sleep tight and reduce injury after exercise.

Chaturanga Dansana Pose

In common language, this pose is also known as four pronged staff position. The best way to do this position is by preparing yourself into a pushup position. It is similar and by doing this pose, you are about to strengthen your arm and shoulder.

Just be careful while doing it to prevent fatal injury. For more comfort and better position, you can combine it with plank position. Try to up and down slowly for several times. This pose along with up and down movement is useful to strengthen not only your arm but also the whole parts of your body.

Bakasana Pose

Do you want to strengthening and balancing your arms? If it is so, you can do one of popular yoga poses known as Bakasana pose. This is an advanced pose.

This movement is a little bit hard to do earlier but after you get used to with the movement, you can do it well. The most important thing, you can feel the positive impact. You will have strong and balance arm.

Headstand Pose

The reason why yoga is useful to improve your health is because it helps you to run blood to your brain smoothly. It can be seen from the headstand yoga pose. It is also considered as a great yoga for strength. In Sanskrit language, this position is known as Sirsasana pose.

The main function of this pose is to increase the strength of your shoulder as well as relaxing your nervous system. The secret is the headstand position in which it helps your body to deliver blood to your brain smoothly. It is hard to do this pose by yourself. If you want to do it by yourself, just does it near a wall and don’t forget to prepare a mat for your comfort.

When it is ready, you can do the headstand. Just like the name of the position, you are putting your head on the bottom and your legs on the top. For first time doers, you may do it a few minutes. Just be careful because you will be a little bit dizzy in the first time but there is nothing to worry about. It is a normal condition.

As time goes by and you tend to do this, there will be okay. Even, you feel better and it seems that your body is stronger and fresher than before. In specific, this type pose is useful to increase your focus as well as your mental stability because blood finally runs perfectly to your brain. It is also related to the fact that your brain gets enough oxygen.

Pincha Mayurasana Pose (Dolphin Pose)

Just like headstand pose, this yoga pose is also important to strengthen your shoulder and core of your body. For perfection, you need to be helped with a professional instructor. If you want to do it by yourself anyway, just does it close to the wall because the wall helps you to stand the position.

This position helps you to increase the strength of your foundation, align the spine, and shoulder. It will be a great yoga pose for those who have a problem with your shoulder or shape arm and shoulder muscles.

Now, you know that there are several yoga poses which are useful to strengthen your body. Let’s discuss a little bit about the areas which will be strengthened by doing yoga poses regularly. Hopefully, this information helps you to do yoga for strength seriously and constantly.


Strengthen Core Area

If you want to strengthen your core area and you still searching for the best exercise, just go with yoga. In fact, yoga poses can increase the strength your core muscles. Specific yoga pose especially plank pose is perfect for increasing your core area. In different case, you can try to do boat yoga pose.

This pose is perfect for those who want to burn out of your abs. At the same time, you are able to strengthen your pelvic bone and your legs.


Strengthen Arm

Definitely, some of yoga areas work well to strengthen your arm. To reach your target, you may try to do specific poses including plank in which you are spread your weight into the arm and legs. Crane and crown poses are also increasing the strength of your arm effectively.

Sometimes you need to increase the level by make your arm as the support for your full body. Slowly but sure, there will be significant different on your arm. You will have strength arm than before. It is also a good pose if you want to bulk or shape your arms.


Strengthen Legs

Do you want to have strong legs? If it is so, why don’t you try to do yoga? Yoga is considered as a simple exercise to do along with maximal result. By doing specific yoga poses, you can increase the strength of your leg. Those are including your hips, quadriceps, and thighs.


Strengthen Gluts

Yoga is also used to strength gluts. To get this achievement, you can consider several yoga poses. Those are including yoga squats, bridges, and warrior poses. Those poses help you to have better gluts for better performance.


Strengthen Back

It can’t be doubt that yoga poses can increase the strength of your back. Most of poses are involving back part of your body. Let say, specific yoga pose such as downward facing dog, child’s pose, and cat or cow pose are useful for your back.

It works by letting the back muscles stretching well and maximally without any dangerous side effects. This is also the reason why most of therapists ask their clients to do yoga to overcome sore back problem.

Now, how can yoga poses strengthen your full body parts? This is because by doing those simple poses, you are treating specific elements of your body. For example, by doing yoga poses you can increase your flexibility.

This is due to the positions which stretch your muscles maximally. At the same time, those positions can increase your motion. Of course, the key is doing those poses regularly and take it as your new habit. The most important thing is that yoga can be done by everyone including beginner doers.

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It is useful for all ages and fitness level doers. At least, you can do basic yoga poses for the earlier level and you can increase the difficulty level slowly. Yoga is also considered as a flexible exercise in which you can do it indoor or outdoor. You can do it at a yoga training center, at home, or outdoor. As long as you have a yoga mat, you are ready to do your favorite yoga poses.

Although some of the poses are complicated to do sometimes, you need to know that yoga is a low impact exercise. You don’t need to worry about fatal injury as long as you do the pose carefully and perfectly. To reduce the risk, it is better to do this exercise with a professional instructor.

In fact, you can chose yoga poses based on the part you want to strength. It can be seen from yoga for specific purpose such as yoga for pregnant women, yoga for diabetes, yoga for high blood pressure, and many more.

The idea is how to do yoga poses to increase your health more than before. Hopefully, after learning more about yoga for strength, you will be healthier and get better life. You can be more productive and full of positive energy.

Definitely, yoga for strength works well as long as you do it perfectly, regularly, and in high consistency.


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