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While calling it's yoga for dummies is too much, but if you never or just started doing yoga, you should definitely continue on. Who doesn’t know Yoga? A body practice which is combined with mind purity. Here, there are so many styles of Yoga which combine the breathing techniques, physical postures, and relaxation or meditation. As we know, Yoga has become so very well known because women love this thing.

Moreover, there are so many benefits which you can get if you do Yoga. Besides, Yoga is also considered to improve the control of mind and body and to enhance well being of us. But, there is a common problem which comes to the people. What is it? It is how to do Yoga properly.

Yoga can’t be done if you have no idea about how to do it properly. So, you need a Guru or a guidance which can teach you to do Yoga properly. However, if you don’t want to ask for help to Guru, you can do it by yourself. Here, a guidance which explains everything about Yoga is the answer.

yoga for dummies, yoga meditation

For example, yoga for dummies, a book which is made to assist you to do Yoga properly. As been described before, when you can do Yoga properly, you can improve the control of your body and mind. Moreover, you will be calmer because you become well being person.

What is Yoga?

Before going further, it is better for you to know what Yoga is. Here, there is still no written record about who has invented Yoga. The fact is, Yoga practitioners – called as Yogis – had practiced Yoga before any written note or record came into the existence. Which means, we can say that Yoga had been practiced in pre-historic age.

But, it is just an assumption. After the historic age comes, the first literature and techniques of Yoga were found in the ancient religious texts of India. It used an ancient language which is called Sanskrit, a language which was used by Indo-European of Vedas.

Here the book is called “Yoga Sutra”. It is a 2,000 years old book which is considered as the oldest literatures of Yoga in this world. Here, the Yoga Sutra teaches how to achieve mastery over the emotions and mind on the spiritual growth.

 If the word of Yoga is interpreted or translated, there are several meanings which can be used. Here, this word from Sanskrit means “join”, “concentrate”, or “to yoke” – essentially has a meaning to unite. In this literature, a man who practices Yoga is called a Yogin and a woman who practices Yoga is called a Yogini.

yoga for dummies, Yoga infographics, Surya Namaskar sequence

Yoga infographics, Surya Namaskar sequence, Salutation to the Sun, benefits of practice

Nowadays, there are so many Yogis who teach people by improving the movements of Yoga. Moreover, many schools of Yoga are also developed in reaching popularity. Besides, the postures are more accentuated as well. Whereas, it doesn’t become a dominant part in original Yoga in India.

Different with original Yoga, fitness is not a purpose of doing Yoga. Here, the components which have been taught are pranayama – improving vital energy by calm breath, dharana – improving mental, and nada – improving the sound.

The Philosophy of Yoga

In the ancient age, Yoga was often related to the nature. Such as a tree with trunk, roots, branches, fruits, and blossoms. Here, there is a number of Yoga branch which has special characteristics. Moreover, those characteristics also represent a particular approach to life. Those are:

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    Raja Yoga, which accentuates a meditation and a strict adherence which relate to the components of eight limbs of Yoga.
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    Bhakti Yoga, it is a path of devotion – the best way to share the emotions and positively cultivate tolerance and acceptance.
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    Tantra Yoga, it is a kind of ritual which improves a relationship by a consummation or ceremony.
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    Karma Yoga, which teaches you to create a better future by throwing away any negativity
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    Hatha Yoga, it is about mental and physical which involve pranayama and asana to unite mind and body.
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    Jnana Yoga, the wisdom – the path which is chosen by the intellect or scholar through the lessons.

What are the eight limbs of Yoga?

As been described before, these eight limbs relate to the Raja Yoga. However, you may have no idea about what are those limbs. Here, we can make a correlation with the path which should be followed. Those limbs are:

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    Yamas, the sense of an integrity and the ethical standards. There are fives yamas in this component. Such the satya – which means the truthfulness, brahmacharya – which means the continence, asteya – which means not stealing, ahimsa – which means no violence, and aparigraha – which means no covetousness. 
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    Niyama, it is about the spiritual observances, self discipline, contemplative walks, and meditation practices. Here, Niyama has five components such as samtosa – which is about the contentment, svadhyaya – learning about ourselves and sacred literatures, tapas – which is about spiritual austerities, isvara pranidhana – surrender to the God, and saucha – which is about cleanliness.
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    Pratyahara, the withdrawal of ourselves from the outside world and senses of perception.
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    Dhyana, the contemplation or meditation which requires us to concentrate from any interrupting things.
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    Samadhi, the quiet condition from a pleasurement awareness.
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    Dharana, the process of concentration to make a one pointedness mind.
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    Asana, the harmonious integration of body and mind by doing physical activities.

After knowing some information about Yoga, now you may understand how Yoga has a capability so many benefits. Besides, your mind and your body will be in a one harmony.

What are the benefits of Yoga for our health?

When Yoga provides so many benefits to us, of course it doesn’t give any negative things. However, there are some scientific trials which have been conducted to research the medical uses and health benefits of Yoga. And the result is, of course, there is no negative effect unless positive effects.

Here, the result proves that Yoga has a capability to increase our physical activities and enhance our flexibility, balance, and even strength. Besides, Yoga is proven to give some benefits in medical conditions.

Here, the researches which have been conducted by some medical doctors and scientists, accentuate potential benefits which relate to the health. Here, Yoga will completely relieve stress and cope any chronic conditions.

Moreover, Yoga is also proven to help the body heal and prevent some diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and even menopause symptoms. To give you some information about the benefits about Yoga, here we will give some medical conditions which can be treated below.

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    The depression and anxiety

You may already know from the words which we have given to you that Yoga is a practice which unite mind and body. Here, depression and anxiety are the negative things which can be treated by Yoga. In a research which has been conducted, it shows that a veteran can reduce the depression, anxiety, and even suicidal idea by doing Yoga in 9 weeks.

The mental health of the veteran is completely improved. Besides, the stress hormone which usually appears in a depression, is also reduced because practicing Yoga. Because of it, Yoga is believed to give an anti stress system.

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yoga for dummies, yoga forward bend

Yoga Forward Bend, one of the yoga poses that's good for curing asthma

According to the study which makes people with asthma as the subject. Those who practice Yoga, has shown positive improvements rather than those who do not practice Yoga. Which means, people with asthma will have a possibility to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Here, the result also shows that doing Yoga can improve the levels of antioxidant superoxide and hemoglobin. Moreover, the total leukocyte count - or called TLC, also shows a significant decrease. Because of this proof, Yoga is considered to have a capability to alleviate asthma.

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    Mental Health

This problem may relate to the Hatha Yoga. Yep, it is about a mind. As been described before, Yoga will provide so many positive effects to your mind and body - especially mental health. Based on the study which has been conducted, it said that Yoga has a capability to improve self-esteem, fatigue, and the quality of life

When Hatha Yoga is combined with resistance exercise, it also provides a good effect for your body image. Moreover, these two things will completely decrease the depression symptoms as well.

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There is a review which is conducted by observing 9 studies about Yoga. The result is, there are some positive changes which can be found in physiological and psychological outcomes for those with arthritis. Even though studies have different length and implement random designs.

There are some proofs which show that practicing Yoga will give benefits to those with arthritis. Moreover, Yoga will improve the psychological conditions as well.

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    Bipolar disorder

This is one of the medical conditions which also gets an impact from practicing Yoga. Here, those with bipolar disorder are reported to improve their positive emotions, cognitive effects – more focus and acceptance, physical effects – increasing energy and losing weight, and reduce the anxiety.

Moreover, the respondents have said that Yoga brings positive effects in their lives. In addition, Yoga makes their mind become positive as well.

What about Yoga for Dummies?

It is inevitable that Yoga is still considered as a thing which is painful – based on the fact that the motions are different. Moreover, there are some myths which make people do not want to practice Yoga. Especially for those who are still new to Yoga.

Here, if you want to change your life, we suggest you to do Yoga. But, if you have no idea about it, try to find a Guru or a class. Besides, don’t worry about the myths which relate to the Yoga. Why? Because we can debunk those myths for you.

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    Yoga is just for double-jointed people. If you think that Yoga can only be done by specific people, you may need to get rid of that thought. Here, You have to know that everyone can practice Yoga.
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    Yoga is a kind of religion. As been described before, Yoga is a philosophy which has so many practices. Even though it relates to Hinduism, you don’t need to be worried because it is definitely not a religion. It is secular.
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    Yoga is just for South Asia people. After reading the information that Yoga was born in India, you may realize that Yoga is for everyone. Whoever wants to practice Yoga, just do it. Besides, Yoga has become popular in western recently.
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    Yoga is a mindless exercise. If you compare Yoga with gymnastics, you may have no idea about the essence of Yoga. As we know, Yoga combines mind and body. So, it is not a mindless exercise.
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    Yoga is just for those who are weak. It is normal if people think that Yoga is good for weaklings. But, you have to know that many athletes practice Yoga to recover their body condition. So, are athletes weak?
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    Yoga will not give any mass improvement. Based on the fact that Yoga has so many motions which relate with arm, leg, back, and even chest muscles, you will find the answer if you practice Yoga. Not only your strength, Yoga also improves your flexibility and balance.
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    You can only do Yoga once a month. It is completely not true. Here, you can do Yoga every day if you want. But, make sure that you are in a good condition.

How to do Yoga properly?

Everyone wants to do Yoga properly to get the best results. Here, there are some purposes which people want to reach. Such as increase the flexibility, gain the strength, manage the stress, and gain more peaceful life. The point is you need to have a positive mind if you want to do Yoga. Here, you should:

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    Set the clear goals. As been described before, there are so many benefits which you can get if you practice Yoga. However, to get the best results, you need to set your goals. It is like a better health, flexibility, strength, inner peace, weight loss, positive mental attitude, and so on.
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    Make a commitment. When you practice Yoga, you need to make a commitment to reach your goals easily. Here, if you want to get any positive improvement, you have to make an exact schedule. In addition, set your time as well.
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    Be a Yoga enthusiast. This doesn’t make you become a fanatic, yet you have to reach your goals with sincerity and persistence. Besides, you can also ask your friends or your family members to do Yoga.
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    Have a role model. If you have a role model, you may be encouraged to do Yoga regularly. You need to have someone who can make you improve yourself. Here, you can choose one who has succeeded.
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    Keep learning. We know that everyone can’t master Yoga in shortly. There are some things which should be learned to improve. Here, you can read magazines, books, or websites which offer Yoga lessons.

Can Yoga combined with weight workouts?

Yes, of course. You can combine Yoga with weight workouts. But, you have to know that there are some things you have to consider. Here, those are:

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    Breathe consciously. You should relax and focus on the exercise, because you need more oxygen. Moreover, you have to know when to inhale and exhale.
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    Eat light meals. You may already know that food can give energy to your body. If you do not want to feel uncomfortable feelings when doing Yoga, you have to eat a light meal. Here, you can eat two hours before starting exercise. Besides, you are suggested to eat a meal which contains small protein.
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    Don’t be rough. Here, if you are a person who loves to exercise hard, you need to control your habit. Why? Because Yoga is also about relaxation. Besides, if you take exercise too hard, it will not be in line with the purposes of doing Yoga.
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    Don’t overstretch. There is a possibility to gain some risks of getting injuries if you overstretching. Yep, it will affect your ligaments and joints. So, if you want to start practicing Yoga, make sure that you do only light stretching.
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    Know your limit. When you want to push your limit, it means that you take much energy. It is different with the essence of doing Yoga. So, to avoid bad things happen, you are suggested to rest when your body asks you to rest.

Is there any information about Yoga with weight workouts?

If you want to do Yoga with weight workouts, you have to maintain a good posture alignment. Yep, it will give you a good foundation to strengthen your back, limbs, and head. Besides, you will decrease the risk of getting injuries and increase the portion of doing Yoga with weight workouts.

Here, the yoga for dummies suggests you to align the shoulders with hips, keep the collarbones stay wide and shoulders back, engage the muscles of the belly, keep down the tailbone, stand with the legs below the hips, stand with the feet parallel with each other, keep the hands stay balanced and strong, and keep the shoulders relaxed and open.

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