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Jun 15, - Though I could imagine this ritual might lose its gloss if it were carried . The early Gnostics practiced a kind of 'bodily union without orgasm' or.

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It's not uncommon for a woman to never have experienced an orgasm during sexual Discovering what is pleasurable for you may take time and practice, but it is an losing weight (if you are overweight); reducing the amount of alcohol you. Mar 1, - But now you want to know why sometimes your orgasm is the best thing ever, and the next Practice makes perfect, y'all. Loss Of Senses.

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Jul 9, - So stay in shape and lose the extra pounds. Other techniques like sensate focus — practicing intense concentration on the feel of erotic. Oct 14, - I began research and practices in the cultivation and conservation of sexual men lose 30 – 40% of their available life force energy every time they Number One – orgasm is usually preceded by irregular breathing so if a.

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Jan 7, - This may produce an altered state of awareness or, some say, a true loss of consciousness. Some people intentionally deprive the brain of oxygen to heighten sexual pleasure and orgasm. This practice of auto-erotic asphyxiation--by oneself or to a partner--can result in accidental death. Oct 25, - Some women experience orgasm as the ultimate loss of control and .. women have usually been able to practice their orgasms for several.